Wednesday 27 February 2013

Really Random Wednesday: Erotic Inspiration

I always wrote because it was something I enjoyed. It was a dream to get published, and mostly because I wanted recognition for my abilities. Who wouldn't right? As a bonus, I hoped people might be entertained and engaged by my stories. After all, they're erotic romance. No one really expects them to be inspirational.

But earlier this week I had a conversation with a reader that changed my opinion. I'm quoting part of it below:

"I have this feeling that if you keep writing the way in which you won't take very long. I can't imagine people not wanting to buy the heck out of your books. You have a fan for life right here...I have been thinking about taking up my sketching again. I screwed up a scholarship to an art school when I dropped out of high school, (long story there) but I figure that if i won that, I must have been pretty good. Between your books, and Tymbers (and Sylvain Reynard) I have had an urge to attempt again, with the characters from your books. So, thank you...not just for the great books, but for encouraging me to go back to what I used to love. As soon as I can save up for the supplies, I am going to do that."

Wow. Just wow.

I was speechless. The thought that my writing could be inspirational? Never occurred to me. Sure, maybe I thought it might give people ideas on how to spice up their love life. But to inspire someone to take up something they thought was lost to them? It's something I would not have expected. It's especially touching because this reader has some things in common with Melanie, my heroine from The Art of Love. I won't say anything more about that because it would be a spoiler. If you've read the book though, you may understand what I'm talking about. 

So I'm feeling a little awed and humbled, not the least of which because she's included me with two people I admire greatly (Tymber Dalton & Sylvain Reynard). And very glad I decided to get into writing. And very glad that I've managed to reach someone in a way I never expected to. 

And to my reader: Thank you for sharing your story with me.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

True Confessions: Caught With His Pants Down

Recently someone on Facebook told a story about using her parents computer to check some email. And of course, she opened an email from a sex toy site as her mother walked past.

We've all had those moments when we were caught by our parents doing something we'd rather they didn't know we did. Usually we're teenagers but it does happen even after we're grown. So I thought I'd share a story about my husband and I a friend and her hubby got caught in a compromising position.

My friend and her family had moved in with her parents while waiting for their house to be finished. My friends were into swinging, and one night, her parents had gone out for their regular Saturday night card game. They didn't get home before 11pm as a rule. So my friends hooked up with another couple and invited them back home for some wine and super hot sex board games. 

My friends had a lot of fun and when they were finished, began dressing again. Now the friends lived in a basement apartment, but the only thing separating it from the upper levels was a sliding door, which was usually kept open so the dog could get to his food dish on the landing. But naturally, the friends didn't want to be interrupted by poochie, so they moved the dish and closed the door. The door which didn't have a lock.

Well, everyone was pretty much dressed again, except for the other guy. He was standing in a t-shirt and boxers when suddenly the sliding door began to open and suddenly the parental units were standing at the top of the stairs. 

Talk about wanting the ground to open up and swallow you! We made up a flimsy excuse about watching a movie and the guy showing us his Simpsons boxers. I don't think the parents believed us them. But they didn't push the issue.

Lesson? Door locks are wonderful things, and if you're going to engage in activity you don't want to be caught at, better to just go somewhere with absolutely no possibility of a walk-in!

(And now for the shameless self-promotion: The Art of Love is available on (click here|) for 15% off until Feb. 28)

Monday 25 February 2013

Guest Posts and Reviews and Winners! Oh, my!

Well today I'm talking about a whole lot of stuff - just not all here!

First up, I have two guest posts for other bloggers today. The first is an interview for author Hennessee Andrews.  The second is at Books, Books, & More Books where I wrote about what makes a good erotic romance.

Also at the Books, Book, & More Books site is a review for my latest book, The Art of Love which released last week.

Lastly, I ran two giveaways over the weekend. The first was at Paloma Beck's blog, and I'm delighted to announce that the winner is Ann, who will receive an ebook of The Art of Love. The second was right here on my own blog to celebrate my release! I'm thrilled to say that Megan has won a copy of my book and $5 to spend at

If you didn't win, you can still order The Art of Love for 15% off until the end of the month!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my friends' blogs! And don't forget to stop by tomorrow for another one of my own personal True Confessions!

Sunday 24 February 2013

Sinful Sunday with Michelle Graham

My second book, The Art of Love, was released last week, which I'm very excited about. It's very rewarding to see your work actually published! And I also ordered a print copy of my first book, Landing the Big Ones, from Amazon. Of course I ordered it from which means it's going to take longer to get here, but I'm anxious to see a physical book with my words inside of it. I feel as though I've really accomplished something worthwhile.

So what does this have to do with sin?

I am finding myself falling victim to several of those dreaded 7 deadly sins. I think it's understandable when people become successful at something. While I haven't succumbed to gluttony or sloth (unless you count the fact that I'm so busy writing I haven't done the dishes in days), I'm experiencing the others.

Lust. This is what led to my becoming an author in the first place! I was seeking out erotic romance because it revived my sex life, especially when I began to write it. Let's just say that I'm thinking lustful thoughts a lot of the time!

Pride. I'm very proud of my writing, and feel kind of bitter that I can't share it with everyone I know. But my pride also leads me to being a bit delusional about my own writing. That makes it hard when I get a low rating, or if an editor or my beta reader make suggestions. I have to bite back my initial reactions and really take a look at what they're saying.

Greed. I've been obsessively checking my sales stats. It's hard not to! I want to make some money off this venture of mine! And then it's hard not to go crazy tweeting about my book til my followers are ready to barf.

Envy. I find myself very envious of other writers. Their books sell more. They're more established. They have more time to write. They write better than I do. Again, I try not to let the self-doubt get to me, but there's a fine line between being to down on yourself or too up on yourself. And I try to remember that there are others out there who may be envious of me, too.

Wrath. Woe to the person who disturbs me in the middle of writing/reading a steamy scene, or who has to deal with me after I've stayed up too late writing again! I have quite the temper.

I love what I'm doing and wouldn't change it. I just have to try not to get too carried away with unproductive thoughts. I need to focus that energy on my writing, so I can keep bringing my readers stories they'll love.

Friday 22 February 2013

Follow This! Fiona Archer

Well, this is out later today than I would have liked due to an annoying migraine, so I hope you'll forgive me (or spank me - whatever). Today I'm thrilled to have new author Fiona Archer as my guest. Her first book, Chloe's Double Draw, has been a huge hit and it's no wonder! It's freaking awesome! (check out my review on Goodreads)

I'll turn it over to Fiona now for some interesting conversations from the hairdresser!

The Kinkification of Suburbia
Let me start with a big “Thank you” to Michelle Graham for hosting me on her blog today. This is my first time here. She promised me fun, cocktails and half-naked dancing men. Oh, no, sorry, that’s our planned trip to Chippendales. I should check my day planner!

Hmm...we’ll get to the naked men in a minute, but first I’d like to share a recent fun experience I had in my normal (aka boring) life.

You know that the naughty subject of kink is out and proud in the suburbs when women at your local hairdressers are debating the best type of restraint for hubby to use when he ties you to the bed. Everyone seems to have an opinion. How about soft cotton rope? Maybe those old scarves you haven’t used since the 80’s? And where do you get those fleece lined leather wrist cuffs? Oh, yeah, the Internet! With their hair in foil-wrapped spikes or sitting at the basin, it’s smart phones to the ready.

As an author of erotic romance, this is like manna from heaven, seeing ladies let their inner kink goddess run free. I hunker down in my chair and hide behind an ancient copy of Vogue Living, lest I show too much interest and ruin their moment.

It soon becomes clear the ladies have all read Fifty Shades. Now I know some people have strong opinions on this book, good and bad. I should state here I’ve not read any of the three books in the series. I’ve simply been busy catching up reading other authors. I will say this: That series has opened up a new genre of romance (erotic romance with BDSM) to an ocean of eager readers. And for that alone I’m grateful to the author.

The women’s excited chatter turns to floggers. The merits of deer skin over calf gets a solid airing. What about a good spanking? A bunch of “ooooh’s” and nods abound. One lady, her wet hair twisting into fat curls after a conditioning treatment, regales everyone--including the giggling apprentice hairdresser making everyone coffee--with how her hubby loves it when she sasses him on purpose. Sometimes a woman has to go after what she wants, right? Her wink to the apprentice earns hearty laughter all around.

Just as we land on the subject of vibes, my hairdresser, who knows of my occupation, divulges that knowledge with the ladies. Amidst a few squeals and “Oh, my Gods,” I’m soon crowded by a band of cape-wearing, foil-tipped women and answering a flood of questions. When I mentioned I write ménage, mouths drop open, soon replaced by demands for where to get my book.

Soon my stash of business cards kept in handy reach in my handbag is depleted, the ladies asking for extra copies. As if I’d turn them down.

So, I’m curious. Has anyone else chatted with their girlfriends about kink? Or come across a group of women comfy enough to share their thoughts on the subject? In some respects, I wasn’t surprised by the level of openness of the ladies I encountered. We were, after all, at the hairdressers. There’s something about such a place—an understanding of “girls will be girls”—allowing the frankness displayed.
Come on; share with me those tidbits girls share over coffee. If it helps, grab yourself a mug and sip away as you type a comment. ;-)

Blurb for Chloe’s Double Draw
Chloe Morgan fled to King’s Bluff, Wyoming, to start a new life. With a past that haunts her, the shy schoolteacher must make a choice. She can hide away and protect her secrets or embrace the acceptance of the small community.

Noah King and Flynn Taylor have traveled the world as members of Australia’s elite SAS. They’ve earned scars, both inside and out. Now powerful influencers in King’s Bluff, Wyoming, a town founded by Noah’s ancestors, the men have made a haven from the ranch Noah inherited.

One look at Chloe convinces Noah and Flynn she’s worth pursuing. Introducing her to BDSM and the ménage lifestyle accepted by the town will be a hard sell. She’s scared, skittish, and refusing their advances.
As the two Doms strive to gain her trust, Chloe’s past crashes in on them, threatening their futures. When a man obsessed with her tracks down his prey, nobody could have imagined how high the stakes would go.

I love hearing from readers, so please, feel free to contact me.
Facebook profile page:!/fionaarcherauthor
Facebook fan page:!/pages/Fiona-Archer-Author/106414719514509
Buy link from Bookstrand:
Buy link from Amazon:

Thursday 21 February 2013

The Art of Love Release Day & Giveaway

Hi all!

It's finally here! The release day for my second book, The Art of Love. I am so excited, that I have to do a giveaway!

One lucky person will receive their own personal copy of The Art of Love, plus $5 to spend at

Use the Rafflecopter to enter (it's at the bottom of the post) and in the meantime, enjoy this NEVER BEFORE SEEN excerpt from The Art of Love.

Of course, if you can't wait for the giveaway, you could just buy the book! :)  Click the book cover in the sidebar to go to

Thank you for stopping by!

New Excerpt

He had a number of easels set up with framed photographs resting on them. Melanie went to look at them. Many were Body Canvas art, though some were just photos of other things and had been digitally manipulated to create emphasis on something in the picture. She examined each one, lingering at the ones that were more erotic.
“Do you see something you like?” he asked. She glanced at him and couldn’t help it when her eyes dropped to his crotch. Realizing what she’d done, she quickly raised her eyes again to find an amused grin on his face. She could feel her cheeks burning. She realized that she was still holding his hand and tried to pull away, but his grip tightened and his smile grew wider.
Melanie opened her mouth to say something, but no sound came out. She swallowed and tried again. “I’m very impressed by your work,” she said. She noticed he had moved closer, and in an attempt to keep things on track, she turned toward one of the Body Canvas pieces. In it, a woman lay on her back, her long curls fanning out, and her head thrown back in an expression of pure bliss. She was clutching a man who lay on top of her. She had one leg wrapped around his waist and he was kissing her neck. The background was painted to look like sheets on a bed, and Justin had painted the models’ bodies from the waist down to look as though a sheet lay over top of them. When Melanie examined it, though, she could see the cleft in the man’s behind, and the woman’s individual toes.
“This piece is beautiful,” Melanie said softly.
Justin moved up behind her, placing his hands lightly on her waist. “What do you like about it?” he asked, his lips close to her ear.
Melanie closed her eyes as a tremor of desire shot through her. She knew he felt it too when he pressed himself lightly against her back.
“Do you like the way he kisses her?” Justin whispered seductively. With his accent, the words sounded incredibly sexy.
“Yes,” Melanie whispered back, her voice barely more than a breath.
“Do you like to be kissed that way?” he asked even more quietly, his breath caressing her neck.
She nodded and tilted her head to the side, exposing her neck to him. What is he doing to me? He chuckled lightly and brushed his lips across her neck. A small moan escaped her as her whole body responded to him. The lust was a heady sensation. Her head spun. Her stomach quivered, and her pussy was dripping. His lips continued their slow, gentle exploration of her neck, one hand slipping around her waist and pressing her more firmly against him. She could feel his erection pressing into the small of her back. His tongue traced the outer curve of her ear, and she moaned again.
Vous êtes très belle,” he whispered. “Je vous veux.”
High school French had been a long time ago, and Melanie had no idea what he was saying, but she didn’t really care. It had been ages since she’d felt this way, and she wanted it to go on and on. She reached up behind her to thread her fingers into his thick hair. He groaned and turned her around, bringing his lips to hers, tasting her with his tongue, and she eagerly stroked it with her own. She clung to him, melting in the sensations. His hand travelled down her back, and when it lightly caressed the dip just above her ass, she cried out and arched her back to press against him. He stroked the area again and her back bowed further, the sensation bringing on an involuntary pleasure response. As he stroked her back repeatedly, she cried out softly, powerless to stop her body’s response to his touch, especially when his lips found her collarbone and kissed her enthusiastically. Her desire was out of control, and she was desperate to ease the ache between her legs.
She lifted one leg to wrap it around his waist, and his hand travelled down over her ass and down her thigh, holding her leg in place. Her skirt rode up, revealing her black lace thong and he slid his hand up the back of the thigh and caressed her bare ass. When she moaned and arched against him, he squeezed tightly, kneading her flesh. Melanie’s head flew back and it unbalanced them. They nearly fell, but he managed to regain his balance. He lowered her to the floor, his lips returned to hers, and his hips settled between her legs. Melanie wiggled against him. Her clit demanded stimulation. His cock was rock hard in his pants and she loved the gentle rubbing as she moved her pussy against him. He used one hand to fumble with the buttons on her blouse and managed to open it. He reached around the back, searching for the clasp of her bra.
“It’s at the front,” she whispered. He quickly opened that, and her breasts sprang free. He groaned softly when he saw them and Melanie was incredibly turned on by the hungry look he gave her. He bent his head to taste first one peak, then the other, and his tongue swirled around the hardened nipples. He sucked her eagerly into his mouth, while he squeezed the other breast and rolled her nipple between his thumb and finger. Melanie felt as though her tits were directly connected to her clit. Every touch to her breasts made her pussy spasm, and she rubbed herself harder against him.

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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Really Random Wednesday: I'm A Bad, Bad Girl

This post should probably have appeared yesterday for True Confessions, but the reason it didn't will be explained shortly.

I have an Evil Day Job (EDJ). Many writers do, since writing doesn't often pay enough to live on. And it sucks because it gets in the way of writing. The last couple of weeks at the EDJ have been brutally busy, with a huge project due yesterday. It's been consuming a great deal of my time, and so I've slacked off on the blogging.

*hangs head in shame*

I'm a bad girl. I know I can schedule posts ahead of time and everything, but I kept getting bogged down in EDJ work. I've managed to put a couple things up. Last week I had several guests including Cheryl Dragon, Simone Sinna, and Marie Jermy. And I've got a post up for the Hearts On Fire Blog Hop (which ends tomorrow - don't forget to enter!) in the meantime. Plus I'll be making several guest appearances, last week at Literary Lagniappe, and this week at Lori King, Paloma Beck, and Four Seduced Muses.

Not to mention I'm super excited about the release of my second book, The Art of Love tomorrow!! (pardon the shameless self-promotion)

But I just haven't been able to do anything else really clever. I'm sorry! I know I'm bad. But don't worry - I've already had my spanking!


Sunday 17 February 2013

Sinful Sunday with Marie Jermy

Today I'm featuring the marvelous Marie Jermy on my blog! She's been a bit under the weather so I'm posting on her behalf - any major snafus are all mine.

Of course, Marie's biggest 'sin' is writing naughty stories, but thankfully, we're willing to forgive her because we all love to read them! Her latest release, Undercover Desires has garnered a SEXTREME rating from SirenBookstrand. According to their system, this means: "Extreme sex scenes; hard core; many instances of unconventional sex; no holds barred in sexual language; not for the faint-hearted; definitely will offend most readers"

Whew! If that's not something sinful, I don't know what is! I'm just glad I'm not most readers! 

You should check out the excerpts to see what I'm talking about! They're on the Bookstrand site and you can find them by clicking here. This is also where you can find out about some of Marie's other naughty work. And with any luck, it leaves you with lots of sinful thoughts!

Opposites attract…
Who are you? What are you? are the questions Georgiana Lorenz, a writer for Rock Mania magazine asked herself when “Ferret,” an alcoholic junkie and her informant of three months, started behaving strangely. Gone was the filthy, smelly, always-wanting-to-get-inside-her-pants scumbag, and in his place was… Well, okay, he was still filthy and smelly, but his lightning reflexes and the muscular body under the tatty clothing suggested he was a different man altogether.
Indeed he is.
FBI Special Agent Reed Sullivan has been assigned one dirty mission—to take the place of the recently departed Ferret in order to bring Ahmed Aziz Armin, a suspected gun smuggler and supporter of terrorism, to justice. Falling in love plays no part in his plans of putting Armin behind bars. One meeting with Georgiana Lorenz, however, has Reed losing his heart to the purple-haired, pierced, and tattooed nightmare, and his cover and his plans are blown higher than an acid trip.

Thursday 14 February 2013

Hearts on Fire Blog Hop

Welcome back to my blog for the Hearts on Fire Blog Hop to celebrate the release of The Summoner's Tale by Victoria Danann. (Details below)

Today is Valentine's Day! I hope you are all having a chance to spend some quality time with the ones you love! Since it's a Thursday, I will be driving my son to dance class, probably trying to get some writing done, and of course, the Evil Day Job. But hubby and I have some plans to celebrate later tonight with some exciting new toys we bought recently!

I'll be honest, we've been exploring our freaky sides a bit recently. I've been reading and writing a lot of BDSM, and it had my curiosity piqued. So I talked to him about it, and we've tried a few things: spanking, bondage, toys, blindfolds... Some of it has gone amazingly well, and some of it not so much. But it certainly has helped our marriage. Not because of the kinky sex as much as the communication that is essential to trying anything like this. We had to talk a lot about what we wanted first. Then as we try different things, we need to be able to talk about what is working, and why, and what didn't work so much.

We've had some tears (at least I have), some hilarious moments that will not be shared with anyone, but mostly some very intense connections with each other. It really has brought us closer together, and after 17 years, it was important to reconnect somehow instead of falling into the rut of familiarity.

So I hope you get the chance to connect with your sig other and maybe try something new, too!

Want to win?
Visit the other authors on the linky list below (and if the list is not there, click here)! They all have prizes available as well.

There are two Rafflecopter draws below. One is to enter my giveaway to win a copy of The Art of Love! and the other is for the Grand Prize! Make sure you get in on both of them!

A SUMMONER'S TALE: the vampire's confessor

AUTHOR:                  by Victoria Danann
PUBLISHER:             7th House
ISBN:                          978-1-933320-67-0 ebook      Words: 107,000
                                    978-1-933320-80-9 print         Pages: 350
GENRE:                     vampire romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy,  paranormal fantasy

RELEASE DATE:   February 14, 2013

This is the third installment in a serial saga intended to be read in order.
DESCRIPTION: A secret society, a witch, a psychic, vampires, modern day knights, heroes, elves, fae, assassins from another dimension, and fairytales come together where emotions intersect. Two souls, joined by a mystical bond, separated by distance, must simultaneously struggle through pain and darkness in an ultimate confrontation with character and an ultimate struggle for life proving that true love waits patiently through lifetimes and finds courage to survive. Even in the strangest places. Even when you're least expecting it. Even when you're far, far from home.
Erotic quotient: A little steam. No menage. No BDSM.

IMPORTANT: Black Swan Books 2 and 3 are available on exclusively as single titles. However, a The Order of the Black Swan COLLECTED TALES, Books 1-3 will also be released on or around Feb. 14th in e-book everywhere.  This is the story as it was intended to be read - without interruption.
ISBN: 978-1-933320-70-0      313,000 words            All three books for $6.99.

Author Bio: 

For the past fourteen years, Victoria has illustrated and authored Seasons of the Witch calendars and planners and written several non-fiction books on magickal arts. She lives in a town north of Houston known as The Woodlands even though the idea of the witch in the woods may be a cliché.

She owns 7th House Publishing and contributes to its enterprises. In addition to art and writing, she plays Classic Rock music (keys, rhythm guitar, vocals) and manages one of Houston's premier party bands. Married. Four children.

TWITTER: @vdanann

This hop has some AMAZING prizes available!

 1.) Two Kindle Paperwhites,  
2.) Three sets of Black Swan: Books 1-3 paperbacks signed by Victoria Danann (1 and 2 being US only) 
3.) twenty sets of Black Swan: Books 1-3 e-books and 4.( $60 choice giftcard

The Kindle Paperwhites also come with a book package, as well as the giftcard.  The following authors have donated their books: (Can you find my name in the list? :)
Read 2 Review (Kate) and GMTA UK:  (5 to 10 books that will be announced)
Danica Avet Winners: choice of backlist
Airicka Phoenix:   E-copy of Games of Fire, Touching Smoke, & Touching Eternity
Katie Salidas:  E-copy of Moonlight and Sweet Surprises! By her and Willsin Rowe which also releases on Feb 14!
Sara Trimble:  E-copy of A Woman's Revenge
Michelle Graham:  E-copy of Landing the Big Ones
Kim Mullican:  Yoder's Farm, Taking Control (Book 1 Control Series),Control (Book 2 Control Series), Immortal Decision
Cambria Hebert:  Ecopy of Recalled and a Winners Choice from the Heven and Hell Series Ecopy
M.L.  Stephens:  Ecopy of Love You More
J Kelly Acinni:  5 sets of paperback copies of Baby and Echo US only
Susan Griscom:  Reflections and Whisper Cape
MaryLynn Bast:  Heart of a Wolf Series
Susan D. Taylor:  Secret Desire
Tara Lain:  Beach Balls

And a big thank you to:  Dani-Lyn Alexander, Lisa Simington, Kym Grosso, and Liberty Ann for making the giftcard possible!!!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday 12 February 2013

True Confessions with Simone Sinna

I'm pleased to welcome Simone Sinna back to my blog! She was my very first guest on Sinful Sunday. Now she's back to share some thoughts about keeping your relationships strong. Enjoy!

True Confessions by Simone Sinna

I’m staring at this title somewhat panic stricken. Part of me (the naughty side) is thinking about how I always wanted to do a strip and when I finally did, or some of the research needed to write about a ménage …but this week I read an article about how easy it is to find anything about anyone on the internet and I while I have separated erotic romance author from my other life both parts of me are married to the same man. Now he’s getting famous I keep turning up as his wife – in both names! He could be had up as a bigamist I suppose but I rather think it will just be my cover gets blown. Not that anyone is probably all that interested, and my children and mother run from the mere thought of anything erotic I might churn out.

My mother: “oh my god why would you want to write that sort of thing?”

My daughter: “Oh my god it’s alright for other people to write that but you’re my mother!”

My son: silence with bemused looks at the posters I have on my office wall of the book covers featuring topless men. He hastens any female friends past the room very quickly…

My husband…too busy appearing at ladies luncheons and book clubs…mmm.

So getting back to true confessions. Maybe part of a one anyway.

I wrote the Stephanie Beauman series as a straight MF but many of the readers even though giving positive reviews thought she was a tad promiscuous. I guess given the time frame this was true, but I was doing research for a nonfiction book in this area, and Stephanie given she gets married and HEA in Exclusive (and would have then of course been faithful!) probably ended up about average over the course of three books.

The reality is however, that affairs are very common. Marriages break up all the time and under 50 at least this usually involves “someone” else. I am on my second marriage, a very happy 23 years, but the shorter first marriage was considerably less happy. My true confession then is about one of the many lessons I learnt from this, as well as from as a therapist.
1.      Keep communication alive.
2.      If you’re thinking of having an affair- you will!
3.      You rarely really know why you are doing things when in the midst- it’s self justification.
4.      The most astonishing one for me, as I have always thought honesty is the best policy- well maybe not. In the words of William Blake: “A truth told with bad intent is worse than any lie I could invent.” It probably isn’t told with bad intent, just selfish intent which ends up being the same.
5.      If you do err but don’t want to end your relationship and hurt someone you love, maybe your price is to live with the guilt. You can either lie (Bettina Ardnt recommends this in her book the Sex Diaries) and sort yourself out, probably in therapy – or tell the truth, and leave your marriage there and then. It might be the worst of both options, to tell the truth and stay. Or at least if your partner is not the type to forgive. Men murder women over this sort of thing!
As I hate lying, and can’t keep a secret guess my husband is stuck with me! But that’s where the wonderful world of fantasy comes into play…now back to the next MFM BDSM book I’ve started writing…


By Simone Sinna
For smokin hot excerpts, click here.

Lena Magnussen is unhappily lost in a romance novel on a charter boat when fate intervenes in the form of two hot men, Lincoln and Kael Tremain. Only problem is she is a ghost vampire and they are the enemy, were-devils.

The men know who she is and presume she senses them, but the curse, after two generations, is about to turn against the ghosts. They find they are racing against time, battling age-old hatreds between the groups, and trying to make sense of Lena’s illness—the old curse or the Hendra virus Lincoln is working on, which could be the one his father caused to mutate in order to exact revenge.

In a gripping climax, the ghosts return to Tasmania to rescue Lena and her cousin Gabriella from the were-devils they love, and in doing so threaten to finally wipe out the remaining were-devils and their home Tarrabah.

Follow @simonesinna

Sunday 10 February 2013

Sinful Sunday with Cheryl Dragon

Today I'm pleased to welcome Cheryl Dragon to my blog! She's a multi-published author of erotic romance, but today she's here to talk about her first book for Siren.

My Sinful Ways…Wine!

Would you like a little wine with your hot men? (Michelle: Yes, please!!!)

Alcohol is a gray area in the sin department. Some religions preach it’s bad. I have some family in the south and take delight in drinking in front of themJ

Being raised Catholic, wine was never taboo. Drinking is perfectly fine! A local summer fair at a park. Town law prohibits the sale of alcohol on town land…so the big Catholic Church adjacent to the park puts the Beer Garden right in their parking lot! The Pope and I disagree on a lot of stuff, but wine isn’t one of them!

There are many religions that say Jesus turned water into grape juice (really?)…not wine. I prefer the wine version!

Of course any indulgence can turn into sin. Drinking and driving is bad!! Drinking too much and being mean to your family is wrong. But neither of those things happens in my stories set in Wine Country. They make and enjoy fine wine…and some group love with bdsm play. That’s probably a sin to some people but they’re all consenting adults in love in my books!

So what better place to set a ménage with some light bdsm than Wine Country? I hope you’ll check out the first in my new series:

Pinot Noir Nights (Wine Country)
by Cheryl Dragon
MMMF Light BDSM Erotic Romance

Professional wine critic Sonia Rowan is thrilled to attend a private tasting at Farabella Vineyards. Lovers Carter Farabella, Jace Porter, and Warren Bonham run the winery. She’s known them for years, but being alone changes everything. They’ve been waiting for the right time and want to uncover her submissive sexual side! She’s trying to shake a pushy ex who is also in the wine business.

The very in-control woman reveals her eager-to-please side. Learning their likes, she teases and falls for each of them. She’s never had so many men demanding her attention, but staying too long could ruin her career. Sonia doesn’t want to leave, but her objectivity is critical to her job. When her ex finds out that Sonia extended her stay at Farabella, he’s out to make serious trouble for the winery and destroy her in the process.

Adult Excerpt:

Carter’s hand was on the table as were packets of condoms and lube. She looked him in the eye. As much as she’d tried to be a proper sub that never made eye contact or took action without permission, she wasn’t that good. She’d never be truly obedient, but being punished was part of the allure.

Sonia stepped up on the chair and Warren helped her onto the table from there. Naked on a huge wooden table that belonged in a museum, she shivered for attention. Carter kissed her hip and rubbed her breasts. “You just say when you’ve had enough.”

She kissed his mouth. “I doubt that’ll happen.”

Carter reached behind her head and pulled the clip from her hair. That small act made her feel totally exposed. Her long, straight hair was the one feature she hated. It did nothing, so she kept it long and pulled it up in a simple twist. Yet Carter happily ran his fingers through it. She shifted to her hands and knees and reached for his fly. His member was hard under the charcoal gray dress pants.

He groaned and dropped kisses in her hair. Then masculine hands were all over her ass and breasts. She spread her legs to leave no doubt of her needs. When Carter pulled from her and removed his clothing, she turned on her back and looked up at the two naked men on the table with her. Both Warren and Jace were hard.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked sweetly.

“You are very different this way.” Carter spread her legs and held them there until Warren kissed her thighs. Finally he buried his face in her pussy.

Moaning, she lifted to him as he licked her folds and pressed a finger just inside of her. She trembled after a few seconds under his touch. Warren knew how to eat a woman out. He teased and took his time, playing lightly on her clit. When she opened her eyes, Carter’s hard cock was to her left while Jace was on her right.

Sucking Carter first, she looked up at his gorgeous hard body. She teased the black hair on his chest and trailed her fingers down over his defined abs to his cock and cupped his balls as she sucked the tip of his shaft.

Jace lacked patience and sucked her breasts while he waited. Then Warren’s tongue worked her clit harder and she moaned on Carter’s cock. Somehow all the attention felt natural.

“Like it?” Carter asked.

She nodded. “Fuck me.”

“Definitely. Warren just needs to make sure you’re warmed up.” Carter thrust in and out of her mouth.

“She loves it. Three might not be enough.” Jace teased.

Groaning, she wondered how he’d controlled himself but tongued the tip of his erection anyway. Jace guided one of her hands around the base of his cock as he started using teeth on her breast. He nipped on the underside, and she arched her back. Men loved her tits, yet she couldn’t believe three men were enjoying her body at once. Jace held her flesh firmly and twisted her nipples.

She stroked his cock while sucking Carter’s faster and faster. She needed to hear them moan and feel them come for her. Warren’s skilled tongue had her on the edge of screaming in the huge dining room, but she didn’t want to go first. Rubbing behind Carter’s sac, she nuzzled the head of his cock until he cursed. The Dom came first and she smiled.

She lapped up his cum and moaned at the prize. Warren wouldn’t let her enjoy the spoils for long. He flicked her clit with his tongue as he finally shoved two fingers in her pussy. Then the tongue was gone. She fucked the fingers in frustration.

“You love it. You’re made for this.” Warren rubbed her clit. “Admit it.”

“I love it! Fuck me, please!” Her body bowed as the orgasm took hold.

Warren never let up fucking her cunt or working her sensitive nub. She screamed and lifted her hips to him as the sweet agony raged through her entire body. Carter held her shoulders down and Jace kept right on playing with her breasts even as she came down from the high.

“You’re responsive. I like that.” Carter kissed her cheek. “I think you deserve some cock now, don’t you?”

She nodded and licked her lips.

“Jace has never fucked a girl before. Be nice and ride him hard.” Carter flicked her nipple.

Moaning, she couldn’t believe it. Then she looked Jace in the eye and realized it was true. Her pussy tightened at the idea of having him first. No doubt he’d fucked plenty of men, but it didn’t lessen how much it turned her on to be his first woman.

She rolled onto her stomach and needed a little reassurance. “Am I doing okay so far?”

Carter smacked her ass, which she’d left conveniently hiked up in the air. The sting and ripple went deep into her and made her believe in this moment that one man would never be enough. She was meant for more. Grabbing protection, she crawled to Jace.

Friday 8 February 2013

Follow This! Tasha Blackstone

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Siren author Tasha Blackstone! Tasha's naughty take on an old classic is NOT your average fairy tale! Check out my review on Goodreads. And she's got more to come! Read on...

What got you started in writing? 
I’m an only child and had a lot of time on my hands as a kid. Lol I’ve been writing since I was old enough to form a sentence. It was the support of my family though that encouraged me to take it from hobby to lifestyle. They all rooted for me to go public and their support has brought me to where I am now.

How did you feel when you got that first acceptance?  
I cried! J Elle is my first erotic romance and Siren was the first publisher that I submitted it to, so to see the email offering publication was incredible. 

What’s your biggest challenge as a brand new author?   
Networking. There is soooo much work to do once the book is done and the publisher accepts it. I feel like I spend more time attempting to market than I did writing it. J It’s worth it though. I’ve met some really great people and have learned so much, although I know there’s a ton more for me to learn. 

What’s next for you?      
I’m thrilled to announce that my next book, Waking Beauty, is being published by Siren in March! It's the first book in my new series, Windsong Keep. I also have another WIP that seems to be pulling itself into another series so, all in all I have 6 books scattered around on my laptop. 

Where can fans find you? (Twitter, FB, Website, Blog, etc.)  (website/blog)

Click the book cover to buy!

Blurb: A tangled web of love, magic, and seduction, this retelling of the classic fairy tale Rapunzel is not your mama’s fairy tale.

Elle has lived in solitude, high in the tower, her entire life. When Emmett appears on her balcony, poisoned from the vicious Witch Weed and close to death, she knows she must save him at all costs. Her desire for him becomes unbearable, and when she realizes that he has also stolen her heart, she must decide—risk it all to be with him or let him walk away, missing her only chance at true love.

However, Elle's time is short and her life is in danger. Despina, an Enchantress posing as Elle's mother, needs the magic that lives in Elle in order to survive. Can Elle save Emmett, embrace the love that awaits her, and survive her mother’s dark intentions before it is too late?


As Emmett lay on the bed, watching Rapunzelle weave the tale, he found himself struggling with an inner conflict. He knew that magic once ruled the lands. Peppered throughout the history books were tales of powerful wizards and evil witches who had become consumed by their lust for power over all of mankind. They were said to be the cause of the War of the Witches, which had turned into a battle that, ironically, had ended the rule of magic once and for all. Some creatures of magic still existed, of course. Faeries and Ogres were spotted from time to time in darker corners of the woods. A rock troll still lived up in the mountains in a cave hidden by windy paths and thorn bushes. Even the midwives were gifted healers. It was the fact that Emmett’s experience of climbing a poisoned vine could be real, rather than brought on by hallucinations from tainted faerie water, that bothered him.

His thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of Rapunzelle’s hand on his. He looked up to see her eyes fixed on his with intimidating intensity. She lifted his hand from where it had been lying on the bed and turned it so that his palm faced up. When Emmett looked down to see his hand in hers, his heart skipped a beat. The palm of his hand was covered in red, angry wounds that were in the midst of healing. Some of the deeper cuts had thread sewn through them, keeping them closed, while others were slick with what appeared to be a salve of sorts. Seeing the severity of the wounds caused pain to surge through Emmett’s hands, and sweat began to bead on his forehead.


He pulled his eyes from the wounds and found hers still fixed on him.

“You asked me where you are. I do not know why or how you found me, but your memories are not false. You did climb my tower. I found you on the balcony, covered in blood from your wounds and succumbing to the effects of the poison from the Witch Weed that protects me. I brought you inside so that I could heal you, but you’ve been asleep for several days, and I was starting to think that I’d been too late.”

“Why would you attempt to heal me if you have Witch Weed to keep intruders out?”

A sweet smile crossed Rapunzelle’s lips as she reached up and ran her fingers through Emmett’s hair, brushing it back from his forehead.

“Even a pure-hearted man would never survive the climb. He would have succumbed to the poison and fallen to his death not even halfway up. I figured that there must be a reason that you were able to make it all the way to the top, and it is not my place to interfere with your life path. Healing you seemed to be the only true option.”

A whispered “thank you” was all he could manage, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“I’ve made a stew for us, hoping that you would awake soon and be hungry. Let me get you some, and we’ll start working on getting your strength back.”

Emmett watched as Rapunzelle rushed out of the door to the bedroom, her black braid following behind her. He slowly looked around the room, taking it in with newfound awe. The walls were rounded and made from the same alabaster brick he had been drawn to in the meadow. There was no window, but the roof was fashioned to allow sunlight to fill the space. The room was decorated with paintings of flowers and mountain scenes, and books cluttered the tops of furniture. In the corner, only half-hidden behind a sheer curtain, he saw a copper tub big enough to lie in while bathing. Off to the side behind the tub, he could see a door that opened just enough to reveal a room filled with clothing. The bed sat in the center of the room and was large enough that two of him could comfortably fit side by side on it. It was covered in lush, deep-purple blankets and countless pillows that were scented with jasmine and a spice he was unfamiliar with.

If there had been a choice of being healed in a sterile nursemaid’s wing of the palace or high above the ground in Rapunzelle’s bedroom, sealed away from the world below, he would choose her room every time. Sounds of her preparing his meal drifted in through the bedroom door, and Emmett found himself comforted by it. He closed his eyes and listened as he fell asleep.


Emmett reached his hand up to her face, gently tucked the short strands of her rogue hair behind her ear, and traced his fingers down the side of her neck, stopping just above her breast. A tingling sensation shot through her as tiny bumps rose across her flesh and she shivered.

“Why did you get out of bed?” His voice was thick and smooth like honey, and Elle began to feel as if the room was closing in around her.

“I…woke you…but you need your rest…”

“I need a lot of things, Rapunzelle, but right now, rest is not one of them.” His eyes stared deep into her soul, and it made her knees weak.

“Wha…what do you need?”

She watched as Emmett slowly licked his lips. “You.”

It was barely a whisper, but the word echoed through her mind as if he had screamed it at her. Elle didn’t think it possible for a man as beautiful as Emmett to want a woman as plain as her. She wanted to back away, to tell him that she was sure he was still suffering delusions from the poison that lingered, but as he brought his face within an inch of her own, she couldn’t speak, let alone move.

“You are so beautiful…”

Elle felt Emmett lightly drag his finger down her breast, across her nipple, and down to rest on the flat of her stomach.

“Does my touch make you nervous?”

Elle slowly moved her head back and forth. “No.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, but…”

He moved his face closer. His lips hovered just above hers as he spoke. “But, what?”

“I don’t know…”

“Yes, you do…I can see it when you look at me. You have longing in your eyes, and I can feel it burn into me, invite me to come to you…You do want me, don’t you?” It was more of a statement than a question, but it didn’t matter. Emmett did not give her a moment to respond. He pressed his lips to hers, gently at first, as he pulled her body against his. His kiss was warm and soft, and she felt him slowly slip his tongue in between her lips and past her teeth. Electricity shot through her body and she responded in kind, finding herself eager to taste him. He filled her mouth as she wrapped her arms up around his neck, feeling her hesitation quickly dissipate as passion overtook her. Arms tight around her waist, Emmett lifted her from the ground, and Elle instinctively wrapped her legs around his torso. The heat from his body radiated through her gown, pressing into her, and Elle lost all reserve. She did not think about how it was wrong to give herself over to a virtual stranger or how painful it would be to have his long, fully erect cock shoved into her tight pussy. All she could think of was how amazing it felt to have her tongue plunged into his mouth, his arms holding her close and his penis at the ready, teasing, rubbing against her.

In one fluid motion, Emmett pushed Elle’s back up against the nearest wall and pulled his mouth from hers. He began to kiss down the side of her neck and his words, thick with desire, danced across her skin. “Can I have you?”

Barely able to breathe, she whispered, “Yes.”

He’d hardly waited for her to answer and Elle felt him pull one of his hands from around her waist and slide down her ass and under the dress that was now so inconveniently in the way. He lifted his mouth from her neck and stared into her eyes as he found her pussy and slowly slipped a finger inside of her. A moan escaped her mouth as Emmett began to pump his finger in and out of her until it was slick with her juices. He brought his wet finger up to Elle’s mouth and traced it along her bottom lip before pushing it into her mouth. Eyes still locked, Elle sucked her juice from his finger. Passion burned in Emmett’s eyes, and he pulled his finger from her mouth and pressed his lips back onto hers. His tongue licked her bottom lip and he pulled it into his mouth as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back. “I have never tasted a woman as sweet as you…” He plunged his finger back into Elle’s hole and pumped harder and faster than he had before as he shifted her away from the wall and back toward the bed. As he laid her on the bed, he pulled his finger from deep inside her pussy, his arm from around her waist, and stood, fully erect, before her.

“Tell me right now if you are not ready, because I can’t promise that I will be able to stop if you change your mind.”

“I won’t change my mind. You may have me.”

With permission granted, Emmett lifted Elle’s leg and brought her foot to his mouth. He kissed each one of her toes and then moved on to her ankle and up her leg until he was kissing the inside of her thigh. Elle had never experienced half of the sensations that were dancing through her body, and it was all she could do to hold in the scream of ecstasy that threatened to burst free. Emmett’s kisses suddenly changed, and Elle could feel that he was tracing his tongue up the rest of her thigh and over toward her pussy. The anticipation of the unknown was almost more than she could handle, and she held her breath as she waited. She released her breath in a long moan as she felt Emmett’s mouth consume her. He kissed her between the legs more intimately than he had her mouth. His movements were slow at first, his tongue spreading her folds of skin apart as he licked up to her clit. He circled his tongue around the tip of her clit, igniting extreme desire within Elle, and then grabbed her thighs in his hands and forcefully spread her legs wide apart, revealing her dripping pink pussy that anxiously awaited being consumed.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Really Random Wednesdays: Coq Au Vin

How's this for random? In my upcoming book, The Art of Love, there is a scene where one of the heroes cooks dinner for the heroine. I fantasize about a man who can cook. My hubby only cooks KD and every time he does, I find a layer of noodles baked onto the bottom of the pot. Seriously. I go through a set of cookware almost yearly. But I digress.

I thought it would be fun to give you the menu from that dinner. There are links to some fabulous recipes. You can give it to your own partner and send him/her away to the kitchen while you read! (BTW, if that works let me know!) Justin and Melanie never made it to dessert, but I've included it here because he really did intend to serve it, he just found something much more appetizing ;)

Bon appetit!

Justin Gauthier's Dinner Seduction Menu
(images are taken from the sites with the recipes)
To start: Arugula, Fennel, and Orange Salad.

Entree: Coq au Vin.

Dessert: Baked Pears with Ice Cream

Serve with a Zinfandel wine.