Friday 25 April 2014

Evernight's Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

The Book Boyfriend Blog Hop is back and better than ever!

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For this hop, I'm featuring Hank Abramo, the hero in my latest book, Losing It All Over Again. Hank is a 33 years old lawyer, six feet tall, nice broad shoulders (I'm a sucker for shoulders), dark brown hair and eyes, as well as other impressive features. ;)  

Hank thought he was a bachelor for life, happy to live a carefree life of casual encounters. But one of those encounters resulted in a daughter and he has to take custody of her when her mother dies. 

He's a devoted dad, but he still has needs so he decides to go to Losing It to find a safe hook-up. Here's a little adult teaser excerpt for you. Enjoy! And don't forget to answer the question below for a chance to win! I'm giving away a copy of Losing It In Vegas, the first book in the Losing It series, plus $10 to spend at Evernight!

“We should turn out the lights,” Lauren said. She’d rarely made love to her husband with the lights on. He liked to point out the slight paunch of her tummy, the cellulite on her thighs, and any other imperfection he could find. She liked Hank, and didn’t want him to be turned off when he saw her naked.

Placing a finger under her chin, he tilted her head up until she met his gaze. “I like to see the woman I’m making love to.”


“No buts. You’re a beautiful woman.”

Still, Lauren hesitated. Hank kissed her again, and she forgot about any objections as he stroked her back, her arms, her hips. He slid the dress down until it fell to the floor in a heap. Then he took a step back and looked her up and down.

When his gaze lingered on her chest, Lauren fought the urge to cross her arms over her breasts. The corner of his mouth turned up a bit. As she watched, he pulled off his tie, and then his shirt, tossing both onto a chair. His pants joined a moment later and he stood before Lauren wearing only his boxers, which did nothing to hide his erection. His sizeable erection. She licked her lips, stomach quivering as he embraced her again.

“Lie down on the bed.”

Nodding, Lauren did as she was told. He climbed on, knelt over her, and began to plant soft kisses along her neck. Sliding off to lie beside her, he propped himself up on his elbow and looked down. Her breath hitched when he traced the edge of her bra with his fingers. He ran them along the bottom edge, up the straps, along the top of the cups. She longed for him to take her breasts in his hands, growing more frustrated every time he got close and then moved away. She wiggled a bit, hoping to force his hand, but he withdrew completely.

“Did you want something?” Lauren could only nod. “You have to tell me. I can’t read your mind.”
His sly smile suggested that he knew exactly what she wanted, but asking for it was a bit outside of her comfort zone.

“Touch me, please.”

“I was touching you.”

Lauren groaned. Hank wasn’t going to make this easy for her. “Touch my breasts.”

“Like this?” He stroked the skin exposed above the top of her bra.

“Squeeze them.” Lauren groaned with pleasure when he finally closed his hand around one of her tits, gently kneading the soft flesh. He switched to the other one and bent down to kiss her again.

His palm pressed against her hardened nipple, and she wanted to feel his skin against hers. “Take my bra off.”

With one hand, he deftly unhooked the front clasp, exposing her breasts to his view. He groaned and lowered his head to one of the rosy tips, capturing her nipple between his lips. Every nerve ending sang in pleasure as he sucked one breast, and used his hand on the other. Lauren wriggled under him, the satisfaction of having her tits stimulated giving rise to the need growing between her legs.

Whether it was the alcohol, or the intense desire, something made her bolder. “Hank, please touch my pussy.”

The vibration of his lips on her nipple as he chuckled did strange things to her. He moved his hand slowly across her stomach. As he got closer to her pussy, her breathing sped up, until finally he slipped his hand into her panties. Lauren whimpered as he rubbed her pussy lips, never quite coming into contact with her clit. Slipping one finger inside of her, he began a gentle thrusting.

“You’re pretty wet. That was one item on your wish list right?”

Lauren nodded.

“And I’m doing okay at listening to what you need?”

“Definitely,” she whispered.

“That just leaves one thing. You want someone else to make you come.” He stilled for a moment and then looked at her. “You’ve only ever had an orgasm when you’re masturbating?”

Heat rushed into Lauren’s face and she turned away from him.

“Look at me,” Hank said. When she did, he wore a frown and his mouth was drawn tight. “Your husband never got you off? Not even once?”

A tear slipped out of the corner of her eye and she swiped it away. “No.”

“What an idiot.” Hank grabbed the sides of her panties, yanked them off, and tossed them over his shoulder. He pushed her legs apart, and Lauren gasped. She’d never been so exposed. Hank crawled between her legs and lowered his face until it was just above her pussy.

 Lauren trembled beneath him, torn between wanting him to go down on her, and worrying about her smell. Looking down at him, she saw his nostrils flare and he inhaled through his nose. “Your pussy smells good enough to eat.”

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