Tuesday, 26 February 2013

True Confessions: Caught With His Pants Down

Recently someone on Facebook told a story about using her parents computer to check some email. And of course, she opened an email from a sex toy site as her mother walked past.

We've all had those moments when we were caught by our parents doing something we'd rather they didn't know we did. Usually we're teenagers but it does happen even after we're grown. So I thought I'd share a story about my husband and I a friend and her hubby got caught in a compromising position.

My friend and her family had moved in with her parents while waiting for their house to be finished. My friends were into swinging, and one night, her parents had gone out for their regular Saturday night card game. They didn't get home before 11pm as a rule. So my friends hooked up with another couple and invited them back home for some wine and super hot sex board games. 

My friends had a lot of fun and when they were finished, began dressing again. Now the friends lived in a basement apartment, but the only thing separating it from the upper levels was a sliding door, which was usually kept open so the dog could get to his food dish on the landing. But naturally, the friends didn't want to be interrupted by poochie, so they moved the dish and closed the door. The door which didn't have a lock.

Well, everyone was pretty much dressed again, except for the other guy. He was standing in a t-shirt and boxers when suddenly the sliding door began to open and suddenly the parental units were standing at the top of the stairs. 

Talk about wanting the ground to open up and swallow you! We made up a flimsy excuse about watching a movie and the guy showing us his Simpsons boxers. I don't think the parents believed us them. But they didn't push the issue.

Lesson? Door locks are wonderful things, and if you're going to engage in activity you don't want to be caught at, better to just go somewhere with absolutely no possibility of a walk-in!

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