Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Really Random Wednesday: Erotic Inspiration

I always wrote because it was something I enjoyed. It was a dream to get published, and mostly because I wanted recognition for my abilities. Who wouldn't right? As a bonus, I hoped people might be entertained and engaged by my stories. After all, they're erotic romance. No one really expects them to be inspirational.

But earlier this week I had a conversation with a reader that changed my opinion. I'm quoting part of it below:

"I have this feeling that if you keep writing the way in which you won't take very long. I can't imagine people not wanting to buy the heck out of your books. You have a fan for life right here...I have been thinking about taking up my sketching again. I screwed up a scholarship to an art school when I dropped out of high school, (long story there) but I figure that if i won that, I must have been pretty good. Between your books, and Tymbers (and Sylvain Reynard) I have had an urge to attempt again, with the characters from your books. So, thank you...not just for the great books, but for encouraging me to go back to what I used to love. As soon as I can save up for the supplies, I am going to do that."

Wow. Just wow.

I was speechless. The thought that my writing could be inspirational? Never occurred to me. Sure, maybe I thought it might give people ideas on how to spice up their love life. But to inspire someone to take up something they thought was lost to them? It's something I would not have expected. It's especially touching because this reader has some things in common with Melanie, my heroine from The Art of Love. I won't say anything more about that because it would be a spoiler. If you've read the book though, you may understand what I'm talking about. 

So I'm feeling a little awed and humbled, not the least of which because she's included me with two people I admire greatly (Tymber Dalton & Sylvain Reynard). And very glad I decided to get into writing. And very glad that I've managed to reach someone in a way I never expected to. 

And to my reader: Thank you for sharing your story with me.