Friday, 1 February 2013

Follow This! Tallulah Rose

What happens when a prostitute decides to write down her experiences? You get Just A Girl, by Tallulah Rose. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing woman and writer!

What got you started in writing?
Actually Michelle I used to dabble in Flash Fiction a long time ago and I may start that up again when I have the time.

But the honest answer to your question is that when I retired from “The Trade” a one time client who became a friend suggested that there may well be a market for short erotic tales based on my experiences.  So here I am.
How did you feel when you got that first acceptance?
I have e published so no excitement over acceptance but I can tell you that my first review, a five star one, had me dancing around the room.

And this from my first reviewer -This book is VERY BRAVE . I'd like to continue reading. I really would. I don't even read much. It just really caught my attention. Keep going! I believe in you and I highly respect you, gorgeous!
What’s your biggest challenge as a brand new author?
So far the biggest challenge is understanding promotion.  I am going by trial and error and I am receiving a lot of help and guidance from people who know what they are doing but it is a workload in itself especially since I like to return the favour for any promotion I receive.
What’s next for you?
I am e publishing SHARING CLIVE on 2 February so that is taking a lot of time and I am dipping my toes in the waters of blog hops and tours and trying to initiate some myself. 

Tell us about your newest release.
I have only released my first book to date and that is Just A Girl.  It is basically an introduction to who I am, what I do and why I am doing it and gives a little background into the abuse I suffered as a young girl and why I went on to prostitute my self.

Where can fans find you?

The secret is out. Tallulah shares her own experiences as a young woman neglected and abused, and how that led her to becoming a prostitute.

Look through her eyes as she revisits the past that defined her future. This short introduction, which includes reference to rape, of a life almost destroyed by unimaginable events will leave you wanting to fight her corner.

Tallulah Rose has been congratulated and encouraged on this journey by some former clients and is proud to go forward and share her encounters with them.

Once I was settled under the protective wing of Carla she started to introduce me to clients that she felt were 'appropriate.'

She knew I was vulnerable and she also knew that I had been living a pathetic existence until she plucked me from the streets.

And so came Clive.  Ordinary beyond belief, shy and with a fascination for model trains – I kid you not.

The only thing that set him aside was his body and his looks, but without the confidence to even speak to a woman he had turned to prostitutes and got me.

Share our discovery of one another and learn how Clive came out of himself to the extent of asking me to accompany him to a Swinging Club.

And boy, once he got the taste for multiple partners there was no stopping him.


  1. Best of luck to your new book, Tal. I love your writing and hope that Sharing Clive will capture the attention it deserves. The cover certainly grabs it, so it seems to be on the good way.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ciaran! I'm looking forward to Sharing Clive as well. Wait, that didn't sound right...

  2. Thanks for having me Michelle... Why do I always smile when I say that? And thanks Ciaran for stopping by...xx