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Well, this is out later today than I would have liked due to an annoying migraine, so I hope you'll forgive me (or spank me - whatever). Today I'm thrilled to have new author Fiona Archer as my guest. Her first book, Chloe's Double Draw, has been a huge hit and it's no wonder! It's freaking awesome! (check out my review on Goodreads)

I'll turn it over to Fiona now for some interesting conversations from the hairdresser!

The Kinkification of Suburbia
Let me start with a big “Thank you” to Michelle Graham for hosting me on her blog today. This is my first time here. She promised me fun, cocktails and half-naked dancing men. Oh, no, sorry, that’s our planned trip to Chippendales. I should check my day planner!

Hmm...we’ll get to the naked men in a minute, but first I’d like to share a recent fun experience I had in my normal (aka boring) life.

You know that the naughty subject of kink is out and proud in the suburbs when women at your local hairdressers are debating the best type of restraint for hubby to use when he ties you to the bed. Everyone seems to have an opinion. How about soft cotton rope? Maybe those old scarves you haven’t used since the 80’s? And where do you get those fleece lined leather wrist cuffs? Oh, yeah, the Internet! With their hair in foil-wrapped spikes or sitting at the basin, it’s smart phones to the ready.

As an author of erotic romance, this is like manna from heaven, seeing ladies let their inner kink goddess run free. I hunker down in my chair and hide behind an ancient copy of Vogue Living, lest I show too much interest and ruin their moment.

It soon becomes clear the ladies have all read Fifty Shades. Now I know some people have strong opinions on this book, good and bad. I should state here I’ve not read any of the three books in the series. I’ve simply been busy catching up reading other authors. I will say this: That series has opened up a new genre of romance (erotic romance with BDSM) to an ocean of eager readers. And for that alone I’m grateful to the author.

The women’s excited chatter turns to floggers. The merits of deer skin over calf gets a solid airing. What about a good spanking? A bunch of “ooooh’s” and nods abound. One lady, her wet hair twisting into fat curls after a conditioning treatment, regales everyone--including the giggling apprentice hairdresser making everyone coffee--with how her hubby loves it when she sasses him on purpose. Sometimes a woman has to go after what she wants, right? Her wink to the apprentice earns hearty laughter all around.

Just as we land on the subject of vibes, my hairdresser, who knows of my occupation, divulges that knowledge with the ladies. Amidst a few squeals and “Oh, my Gods,” I’m soon crowded by a band of cape-wearing, foil-tipped women and answering a flood of questions. When I mentioned I write ménage, mouths drop open, soon replaced by demands for where to get my book.

Soon my stash of business cards kept in handy reach in my handbag is depleted, the ladies asking for extra copies. As if I’d turn them down.

So, I’m curious. Has anyone else chatted with their girlfriends about kink? Or come across a group of women comfy enough to share their thoughts on the subject? In some respects, I wasn’t surprised by the level of openness of the ladies I encountered. We were, after all, at the hairdressers. There’s something about such a place—an understanding of “girls will be girls”—allowing the frankness displayed.
Come on; share with me those tidbits girls share over coffee. If it helps, grab yourself a mug and sip away as you type a comment. ;-)

Blurb for Chloe’s Double Draw
Chloe Morgan fled to King’s Bluff, Wyoming, to start a new life. With a past that haunts her, the shy schoolteacher must make a choice. She can hide away and protect her secrets or embrace the acceptance of the small community.

Noah King and Flynn Taylor have traveled the world as members of Australia’s elite SAS. They’ve earned scars, both inside and out. Now powerful influencers in King’s Bluff, Wyoming, a town founded by Noah’s ancestors, the men have made a haven from the ranch Noah inherited.

One look at Chloe convinces Noah and Flynn she’s worth pursuing. Introducing her to BDSM and the ménage lifestyle accepted by the town will be a hard sell. She’s scared, skittish, and refusing their advances.
As the two Doms strive to gain her trust, Chloe’s past crashes in on them, threatening their futures. When a man obsessed with her tracks down his prey, nobody could have imagined how high the stakes would go.

I love hearing from readers, so please, feel free to contact me.
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  1. Thanks for stopping by Sheri! Fiona sure does tell a great story!

  2. I'm obviously going to the wrong hairdressers! LOL! I love that those ladies were so open and forthright! And YAY for making some sales to boot! :D

    As for me, oh yes I have a few girlfriends that I can openly discuss 'kink'. Love hearing their opinions about different topics and subjects. Certainly makes for interesting conversations that's for sure.