Friday, 1 March 2013

Follow This! Beverly Price

Today I'm thrilled to welcome new author Beverly Price! Her first book, Just Her Luck is swiftly moving up the bestseller list over at, and for very good reason. It's hot! But I'll let her tell you about it!

What got you started in writing? 
Well I actually wrote a lot growing up, but mostly poems and songs. I originally had a dream to be on Broadway (yeah that didn’t happen). The reality hit and I went into the medical field and started going to College. Soon I was married, having four children and finishing up my Master’s degree during that time. Then one day a friend was talking to me about a book so read and how it was very lackluster in the sex department. I laughed and joked saying I could even write better. So I started to write. Soon before I knew it I had written one whole book despite my husband yelling at me to just finish one first. Now I can’t stop its stress relief for me.

How did you feel when you got that first acceptance?  
Essentially I was stunned, and shocked. I got the letter within five days of sending out my book. I never expected to check my email in the middle of the day to find “we would like to publish you” in my email! I still have to pinch myself still to believe that it actually happened.

What’s your biggest challenge as a brand new author?   
Getting myself and my book out there for everyone to read and enjoy. You think when you write a book that’s it and no more work. However, there is always something more to do. Along with the fact if I stink on computers and setting up a web page has been my kryptonite. lol

What’s next for you?      
I just finished the second book of the series (Unlucky, Lucky Montana #2) and waiting to see if that to will be published. Now I am working on the third, but not sure where this one will take me. It is never a dull moment.

Where can fans find you? 
You can find me on Facebook at

Tell us about your newest release.

Riley O'Connor has been on the run from her past, but when her luck turns south she ends up in a small town just outside of the Canadian border. She is not used to allowing others to take care of her, however, Riley must face her demons and rely on two strangers. Will she try and run again, or stay and fight for the life she has created for herself with the men she has fallen for?
Cooper and Cash Jackson live a perfect small-town life, but when a small broken woman enters their world with her past following right behind her, the men stick together to try and save her. When an attack on Riley happens, they discover someone within the town is actually behind the attacks. Cooper and Cash are faced with the question of who they can trust to keep her safe.

For excerpts or to buy, please click here!

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