Tuesday, 11 December 2012

True Confessions with Jennifer Denys

This week, I'm happy to welcome Jennifer Denys to True Confessions! She decided to take me up on my dare and wrote me this True Confession:

I had erotic and nude photos taken professionally for my 50th birthday to prove I could still be sexy and desirable despite middle-aged body issues. I had seen this type of photography featured on the TV and immediately thought "Oh yes, I absolutely have to do that."

So in the month after booking it I attempted to tone up (in particular a certain portion of my stomach!) so I cut out sweets, chocs, biscuits, cakes and did regular stomach crunches...... to no avail. I didn't lose an ounce!!!!
But that didn't thwart me and I went off on the train to the venue I had booked (a long way from where I lived in case anyone saw me entering!). After some dramas with the train being delayed and missing my connection, I finally arrived.
The firm I had booked it with were a husband and wife team called Mighty Aphrodite http://www.mightyaphrodite.co.uk/main.php Zena did the make up and Leigh the photography. They made me very welcome and relaxed. You start off wearing whatever undies you bring with you (in my case a black and red basque, black stockings and heels) and they gradually ask you to take off an item at a time, with no pressure if you don't want to take anything off.
Well, when it came to it I had NO problems whipping my kit off!!!
The resulting photos were FABULOUS and I would recommend it anyone considering something similar.
Check out these pics! They're beautifully done. Hats off to you Jennifer!

Jennifer's experience inspired an erotic romance which was published by Siren Publishing. Here's the cover and an excerpt:

The collywobbles hit her stomach when she stood from the makeup stool, and Lee said, “Okay, Ellie. Are you ready?”
Ellie took one look at the satin sheet-covered bed on which she would be photographed. Ready? That was an overstatement. “Yeah sure,” she replied breezily, pretending a nonchalance she didn’t have. Actually, a portion of her was getting really excited. At least this was the part of the session in her sexy undies. She knew she would be expected to take some items off as the shoot went on, but doubted it would be more than her shoes and stockings. Ellie had visited the lingerie store from where her sister-in-law, Rebecca, had bought something when celebrating her one month anniversary with her now husband, Jon. While Rebecca had chosen a startling black-and-red basque for her vivid looks, Ellie opted for something more suited to her own coloring which was shoulder-length, pale-blonde hair with hazel eyes, and had therefore plumped for a pale-green outfit.
“Can you lay facedown across the bed, facing me this end?” Lee asked, breaking into her ruminations. He waited while she complied. Clambering onto a bed wasn’t the easiest thing to do while wearing high heels.  She laughed at the situation.
Arriving in the position requested she felt okay as it hid her skinny front.
“That’s it, now lift your feet and cross them at the ankles. Excellent. That looks so good, but widen your knees so that your feet are crossing more. Oh yes, that’s terrific. Very sexy.” Lee snapped his shots constantly as she moved.
His compliments were heartening, and Ellie started to feel good.
“Now place your wrists one over the other. Just relax them. Great. Now turn your face toward me. Super, but tilt your head down slightly so that you are looking down to the floor.”
Ellie felt her face going slightly red at this point at all the focus on her face. She was slightly worried as she would have made herself up heavier than Zara had done, but then Zara was the expert so she didn’t say anything. Anyway, there was always the option to have some retouching done afterward.
Lee darted around her, adjusting lights and checking the image through his camera. “Okay, now lick your lips.”
She nearly giggled at that point. It was beginning to feel rather erotic. But that was the purpose, wasn’t it? He hadn’t suggested whether she smile or not. She had spent some time beforehand practicing expressions in the bathroom mirror, and they had all looked stupid. Now it was really happening, she opted for a gentle smile.
“Nice smile, but can you open your lips?”
Uh-uh. Not going to happen. One thing Ellie didn’t like was photos of herself with broad grins, showing teeth. Lee didn’t push her to do this, but continued snapping for a few minutes, darting from side to side to get a variety of pictures.
“Okay, would you like to take a rest and see the first shots before we continue?” he asked, laying aside his camera.
Shit. What on earth would they look like? She reluctantly, and with a lack of decorum, got off the bed and slowly approached the computer where Zara was loading the first shots.
“Oh. My. God,” Ellie intoned when they came up. “That is not me! You have got the wrong woman.”
They laughed at her comment, assuring Ellie that it really was her.
“Holy Mary. Wow.” For a few minutes, she didn’t say anything as they looked at the photos, but her chin was on the floor in amazement. They were all of the same type of pose with her lying on her front, but Lee had taken them from different angles. Ellie was astonished at how relaxed she looked, but most of all, how sexy she appeared!



  1. Thanks for having me, Michelle. Including our own experiences in life adds a touch of authenticity to our stories!

  2. I couldn't agree more Jennifer! It's amazing where we find inspiration sometimes.

    And I agree with Tatum - the pics are beautiful.