Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Really Random Wednesdays

I'm back at it. Tired and trying to think up some random thoughts. So here they are:

#1:  Went to my kid's Christmas Concert tonight and was kind of glad they were able to call it a "Christmas" concert. I'm all for freedom of religious expression, but it pisses me off when we have to completely ignore Christmas for fear of offending someone. I don't think we give people of other faiths enough credit for their capacity to acknowledge that Christmas is an important holiday for Christians, just as we can acknowledge the importance of Hanukkah, Ramadan, Diwali, and countless others. I am Christian, and it offends me that we have to have "Holiday" Concerts, where all we sing about is snow. Okay, I probably shouldn't have gone here, but it is my two cents.

#2:  Recently, I read about an Ohio teacher who wrote an erotic novel. I've seen a couple of different articles and it's interesting to see the slant this has taken. The union president expressed disappointment that she would have done something like this. Here's another article from an education blog with some quotes from those expressing support for the teacher. Now, I have to say, perhaps her choice of subject matter (a teacher who has affairs with former students) was not the wisest decision she's ever made, and I can see where that might upset people. But just the act of writing erotic fiction is not bad. It does not mean the author is a bad person. They're STORIES, people. FICTION. Maybe the teacher would be better off writing a story in which a serial killer dismembers and eats their victims. Then people would be able to accept that the fiction does not always represent the reality.

#3:  I had to mail some Christmas cards overseas yesterday - all to Great Britain. And yesterday was the last day for sending air-mail to reach the recipients before Christmas. So I hope they get them in time, and possibly even visit this blog! Merry Christmas!

#4:  Maybe I'd better start my Christmas shopping soon.

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