Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sinful Sunday with Michelle Graham

Since Landing the Big Ones is being released this week, I thought I'd take this spot today to let you in on some of the shamelessly sinful behavior in the book!

This book has it in spades! My characters are pretty horny, and as a single mom, it's been a long time since Serena got any really good action anyway.

Pre-marital Sex
GASP! People don't have sex before marriage, do they? I know I didn't. And I also have this great piece of swampland in Florida, if you're interested.

Sex with multiple partners
Simply scandalous! Why would any "good" people want to have sex with more than one person at once? Marriage is about one man and one woman after all. Oh, but since the sex is pre-marital, does that make it okay? Gotta ask the priest about that one.

Sadly, the story ends when all main characters grow a thick coating of hair on their palms and tragically lose their vision. Okay, not really. But let's just say that masturbation doesn't always have to happen when you're alone! ;)

I won't tell you everything, because I obviously want you to buy the book! I think it's pretty hot (not that I'm biased) and I know that my employer and priest will think I'm a horrible person if they ever got hold of it. And I'm sure a few of my more uptight religious family members will want to save my soul, but I'm thinking it's probably too late for that. I'm having too much fun! So I'm going to keep on writing naughty books because everyone needs to be bad now and then!

Click here for the blurb and excerpts for Landing the Big Ones.