Friday, 25 January 2013

Follow This! Lee Rose

I'm pleased to welcome erotic romance writer Lee Rose to my blog today! Her first book, Run, Lacy, Run is tearing up the bestseller chart over at It's definitely worth the investment!

What got you started in writing?   I have always loved reading romance books. I’ve always wanted to write down the stories I had floating around in my head but with three children I never seemed to find the time. Now my children are getting older and I decided it was a good time for me to start.

How did you feel when you got that first acceptance?   Shocked! It took a few days for it to really sink into my head that my book was accepted. I think I looked at the letter a few times to make sure I hadn’t misread it. Then I got excited and nervous all at once.

What’s your biggest challenge as a brand new author?    All the information that is thrown your way at once after you get accepted. It can be overwhelming and confusing so I find myself taking a deep breath often. But honestly I love writing so I take it as part of the package,

What’s next for you?     My second book, Liz’s Luck will be out in March and I hope many more will follow that.

Where can fans find you?

Run, Lacy, Run is available at

Lacy Martinez was living a lonely life in Detroit since the death of her mother. When she witnesses a gang commit a murder in front of her, she makes a run for her life. She finds refuge in the small town of Appledale, Missouri, and makes new friends.

She falls for town sheriff Ryan Clark, who has his own problems with an ex-girlfriend. He is hesitant to get involved in another romance, but just when they finally overcome their doubts and give in to the love they feel, Lacy's location is discovered.

Although the town rallies around her and vows to protect her, the killer finds Lacy and kidnaps her. Will Ryan and his deputies rescue her in time, or will she lose all hope of living her own happily ever after at the hands of a killer?

She turned the corner where her apartment building was and saw Chico and his gang hanging out in front of it. She slowed her steps down, trying to think of a way to avoid dealing with them tonight. She was too exhausted to put up with their lewd remarks or worse, one of them trying to pinch her ass like some immature schoolboy. She usually tried to stay quiet and not look at them in hopes they would ignore her.
They didn’t even live there but they sold drugs out of an empty apartment on the first floor. None of the residents liked it but they all lived in fear of Chico and his gang. One of her neighbors, Mr. Lopez, had tried to tell them to leave or he would call the police. They had beaten him and put him in the hospital. After that everyone made sure to stay out of their way.
She noticed Chico was arguing with a man who was wearing different colors than Chico and his boys. The colors they wore indicated which gang they were from. If luck was on her side, maybe she could sneak into the building quickly and quietly without them noticing her. She jumped and screamed when she heard a loud pop. The man fell to the ground bleeding and holding his chest. Chico shot him! She stood there for a second in complete shock watching the man bleed on the sidewalk.
Santos, one of Chico’s boys, turned and looked at her. He said something to Chico, who was still holding the gun and started walking her way. Lacy didn’t stick around to see what he wanted. She turned and ran as fast as she could down the street. She crossed the street, dodging cars and people who were beeping their horns at her. She heard yelling and running footsteps behind her. The fear of being caught made her speed up. She was almost at another crosswalk when Santos grabbed her by her long hair. He turned her around and grabbed her arms in a tight grip. She winced with pain, but she fought back, kicking his legs.
“Ow! Stop fighting me, you stupid bitch. Chico wants to talk to you,” he yelled, shaking her hard.
“Yeah, right,” she said sarcastically, desperately trying to pull away. She knew Chico wanted to kill her, not talk to her.
A cab driver stopped at the red light, rolled down his window, holding his cell phone up, and yelled out, “Leave the girl alone, punk. I called the police already.”
Santos turned with an evil look toward the man and loosened his hold on Lacy. “Mind your own business before you get hurt, mister.”
While he was distracted Lacy brought her knee up and kneed him in his groin as hard as she could. Santos bent over in pain and Lacy took that opportunity to run, hearing the cab driver laughing behind her, yelling out his window, “Run, girl!”
Ahead she saw a parked car with open windows in front of a bar. She looked behind her but didn’t see Santos or any of the others. She checked to see if the car was unlocked. She opened the back door slowly without making any noise and got in. She squished herself down to the floorboards and held her breath, trying to be quiet. If they found her, she was dead.
A few seconds later she heard Chico yell. “She has to be here somewhere. Find her and kill her now. Check inside the bar.”
She didn’t know how long she hid in the car, afraid to get out, but it was cold and dark outside. She got out and her legs cramped up. She groaned with pain and straightened her legs out. Thankfully the owner had never come out to check his car.
Now what? Should she go to the police? Would it be her word against Chico’s? She was sure they would have dragged the body away by now; they weren’t dumb criminals. If the police had no proof of any crime taking place, then they wouldn’t protect her and Chico would kill her for sure. She was friendly with the other waitresses at work but not close enough to ask any of them to risk their lives by hiding her. Besides, she wouldn’t want anyone in harm’s way because of her. No, she was completely alone. She wanted to break down and cry with frustration and fear at the realization.
“Hey, lady! You getting on or what?” a voice yelled in the darkness.
Lacy jumped with fright and turned to see a city bus driver talking to her. She hadn’t noticed she was standing in front of a bus stop. The sign on the front of the bus said downtown, so she hopped on, wanting to get out of this neighborhood before Chico or one of his boys found her. Once downtown she saw the Greyhound station and decided maybe getting out of Detroit might be the best thing to do until she could figure a way out of this mess. She found an ATM and took money out. She bought a ticket for whichever bus was leaving first. She wouldn’t be able to calm down until she was as far away from Chico as possible.

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