Monday, 21 January 2013

Menage Romance Fan's Choice Awards

Today I'm pleased to welcome to my blog Mary, from Mary's Naughty Whispers. She is an avid reader and reviewer of menage romances and she's here to tell us a bit about why she LOVES menage, and about her first ever Fan's Choice Awards where fans can nominate their favourite erotic menage stories.

Why do you love ménage romance so much?

It is easy and difficult to explain. You like blue. I like red. Why is your favorite color blue and me red. It appeals to us. We are attracted somehow.

That is the same with ménage romances. I love to fall in love with multiple characters because each one brings something that the other does not. If I read a MF story, the male character must have all the qualities that I love in a male character. In a ménage, they can share those qualities and each male can have more imperfections, therefore more interesting. I love complexity. I love to discover a character layer after layer and when the romance has multiple men, I enjoy it very much.

Long ago the strongest male could win the female. But for me it is way hotter to think that nobody will stand down and they all want the female and finally compromise by sharing her.

Love is a muscle. There is no limit. Only our bigot society thinks that ménage à trois or polyamory is wrong... The funny part in all that is that it was certainly not wrong in the old testament to have one male and a bunch of women from puberty to grandma to please him eh? pretty hypocrites don't you think? Thinking that some countries still have harem with the same pattern.

Do you have a favorite combination (e.g. mfm, mmf, mmff, etc)?

one woman. multiple men.

I do not prefer the combination mmf or mfm or mfmmm+

However, I know what I prefer in each one. Like mmf, equality all around love and sex. mfm, I prefer the guys to compromise instead of "since early age they knew they would share the same woman". mfmmm+ touchy because i require equality and I rarely get it but when I have it is my cherry on top of my cheese cake.... delicious!

What's your biggest pet peeve in menage stories?

a whining virgin 25ish woman that keep saying "ooooo noooo what would my parents/friends think about me if I accept to be part of a ménage"... while she has two penises inside of her... or crude cavemen guys that use the woman like a toy and spank her when she dare to think differently. I like my men dominant but respectful of their woman.

I sure have a couple more! lol

What made you decide to host a Fan's Choice Awards?

Thank you for asking me. Nobody did before! lol

I noticed early on that it existed a huge fan base for MF and MM but not much for ménage. I am all for equality you know (lol). I saw some Fan's Choice Awards and sometimes the ménage category was not even represented!

I decided it was fun to put some spotlights on my beloved ménage authors that I read exclusively since 2007. They gave/give me so much fun to read them that it is my way to return the favor. Unfortunately, I made a rule that I cannot nominate and vote any but I do my damn best to make this Fan's Choice Awards a success.

I am amazed so far by the responses, support and sponsors... like you, Michelle. Thank you so much for your support! :)

Can you outline the procedures for people who want to nominate their favorite books?

Very easy!

1. they select their favorite ménage romances published in 2012. Author + Book

2. Jan 5-31: they nominate their favorite in each category (one entry per category). Use this FORM

3. Feb 1: I will pick the top 5 most nominated per category and announce the nominees

4. Feb 2-28: time to vote for the nominees (one vote per person per category). This will be a poll.

5. March 1: authors nominated and winners will be announced

If a reader nominated a winner, he/she will be eligible to win prizes, generously provided by incredible sponsors (ebooks, paperbacks, autographs, gift certificates, etc). (authors will get exposure instead of prizes).

So the more nominations for the same author and book in the same category, the better chances to make her a nominee!!! However, people get to nominate and vote once per category.

So far every single category has nominee! To nominate, click on the logo below:


  1. Thank you so much for hosting me, Michelle!

    Thank you also for being part of this adventure!!!


    1. I'm glad you could stop by Mary! I'm also glad to be a part of these awards and I am looking forward to having you back to announce the nominees!