Monday, 1 April 2013

LGBT Blog Hop

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I’m excited to be part of this blog hop because I think it’s great that someone is highlighting LGBT romance.

*steps on soapbox*
These books are great because they demonstrate that LOVE is at the heart of these relationships. Love knows no gender. And I’m a firm believer that there is no choice about who you fall in love with. If you happen to fall in love with someone of the opposite gender, that’s great. But if it’s someone of the same gender? Just as great. We are in the 21st century and the narrow definition of “family” we’ve been accustomed to just isn’t applicable anymore. A family is a group of people who love each other.
*steps off soapbox*

Okay, now that that’s said, I love romance. And for me it doesn’t matter who’s involved. I write ménage romance! It’s fun to explore the dynamics between a group of three or more people (not to mention the sex). My first book was MFM – no sexual involvement with the men. But I got to thinking that there could still be jealousy and competition and I explored that in my second book. It seemed like it would be simpler if everyone could be involved with everyone, so I wrote my third book as an FFM. I am happily married to man I love very much. But I’m bisexual and I’ll confess to missing sex with women. We have played around a bit, but I wondered what it would be like to have another woman in a relationship with us. That’s how the idea for Training the Help was born.

Training the Help is being released on April 27, and I’m thrilled to unveil the cover, blurb, and an exclusive excerpt as part of this blog hop. I hope you enjoy it! To say thank you for stopping by, I’m giving away an ebook! Use the rafflecopter below to enter. Then, hop around to all the other hop participants and check out their work, too. There’s another rafflecopter for the grand prize, so make sure you enter that too.

Unemployed and running out of resources, Sophie LaPlante is desperate for a job, when the perfect one appears before her. A wealthy couple from Hedon Falls requires a live-in housekeeper, and Sophie is just what they’re looking for.

Jack Sullivan, a powerful CEO and Dom, is married to actress Kendra Hughes.  He immediately senses submissive tendencies in his new housekeeper. His wife can never be the sub he needs, so while Kendra is away on a film shoot, he begins to train Sophie. When Kendra returns, she joins the training to explore her own Dominant desires. While their sessions were not intended to involve sex, they find themselves fighting a losing battle against their mutual attraction.

The three of them are caught up in a web of lust, guilt, and infidelity, all complicated by an ex-boyfriend who can’t leave Sophie alone.

Sophie loved the feel of Kendra’s breasts and nipples and she paid quite a lot of attention to them. She had never been with a woman and tits fascinated her. She bent her head to lick at the hard tips, smiling when Kendra moaned and grabbed her hair, forcing her closer. Sophie sucked the nipple up into her mouth while she pinched the other one between her fingers. Then she switched.
“Sophie,” Kendra said softly and pulled on her hair to raise her up.
“Yes, Mistress?” Sophie said, looking up into Kendra’s beautiful blue eyes.
“You’re amazing.” Sophie smiled widely, feeling a glow within her at the praise. “I want us to come together. Lie on your back again.”
Sophie did as she was told. Kendra straddled her again, facing her feet this time. She bent over on all fours and backed up until her pussy was just above Sophie’s face. Sophie inhaled deeply, the musky scent arousing her. She remembered sucking her own juices off Kendra’s fingers and wanted to taste her. She darted her tongue out and ran it across Kendra’s lips. The other woman shuddered and buried her own face between Sophie’s legs. Sophie cried out as Kendra began licking her clit. She almost forgot about the pussy above her until Kendra cried, “Lick my pussy, sub!”
Sophie answered by lifting her head and burying her tongue into Kendra’s cunt. She could feel the erect bud at the top of Kendra’s slit and focused her efforts there. When Kendra moaned against her pussy, Sophie shivered. She licked as quickly as she could, trying to match the rhythm of Kendra’s tongue in her own slit. The pleasure was unbelievable. When a man went down on her, no matter how recently shaved, his skin seemed rough, but Kendra’s mouth was soft and warm and smooth. And it felt fucking fantastic. Sophie remembered how good it felt when she had a finger in her pussy as she was being licked. She moved her hand up and tentatively slid a finger into Kendra’s cunt.
“Yes!” she cried. “Oh, Sophie, fuck me!”
Clearly she was doing something right, so Sophie slid another finger in to join the first and began pumping her fingers in and out in time with her tongue. Kendra did the same thing to her and Sophie could feel another orgasm building up in her. She lost track of what she was doing, and in desperation, latched onto Kendra’s clit with her lips, sucking the hard little bud.

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  1. what i like most about this type of genre is the fact the books deal with tough issues like discrimination, coming out, and how to deal w/ those types of issues

    1. Those are tough issues. I touch briefly on them in this book, but the more difficult conversations are in a WIP. It would be nice if everyone in real life was as accepting as they are in fiction! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Nothing like my real life, but real for others. For me, there's an element of fantasy involved. I wish the world was as blasé about LGBT relationships. Thank you!
    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

    1. Erotic fiction is a safe way to explore fantasies, even if you never have or will, participate in some of the activities. That's what I love about it, too. Thank you for visiting!

  3. I can't say that I've read too many of them but I am a fan of all romance. I think another big factor in LGBT romances is the hurdles that the characters have to over come. Some may still be struggling against their sexuality while others may be dealing with hatred from friends/family. However it seems like a lot of LGBT genres deal primarily with m/m, which is fine but I'm glad to see the mix that you have. It sounds like a great read.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

    1. IMO, there isn't nearly enough FF fiction out there. Or even FFM (or FFF, etc). My Siren sisters tell me that it doesn't sell well, but I don't get why. I just love the romance, and I wanted to write the story that was in my head. Thanks for coming over!

  4. I like the acceptance and the fact that anyone and everyone can find love in them.


    1. Everyone can find love! I SOOOO love romance books. And they should be representative of all relationships, even if they aren't conventional. Thanks for the comment!

  5. I love the openness expressed in the relationships. Thanks for participating in the hop.

    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

    1. I was super excited about this hop, especially because the timing was perfect for my book. It was almost like I planned it that way! I think it's a great way to help people find good alternative romance. Thank you for participating too!

  6. Love is love no matter what. LGBT romances sometimes have the deepest relationships due to the hurdles involved. Sometimes I think people in straight relationships can learn from LGBT relationships. Thanks for the giveaway!