Thursday, 18 April 2013

Follow This! or Follow Me! or Don't. But I'm Still Going to Tell You About My New Book

So I don't have a guest for Follow This! today, so I thought I'd feature myself instead! It is my blog after all and I am entitled to a little narcissistic self-indulgence now and again.

Why am I so excited and willing to hijack space on my own blog? My latest book went up for pre-order on Wednesday! It's the third book in my Hedon Falls Series, and it tells the story of Sophie, a young woman who is unemployed and running out of resources. She manages to land a job as a housekeeper for a movie star and her CEO hubby. But she ends up taking care of much more than the house, for both of them.

Kendra, the movie star, is bisexual, but hasn't been with a woman since her marriage. She's attracted to Sophie and eventually succumbs to her temptation.

Jack, the hubby, is a Dom, but Kendra isn't submissive at all. But he soon discovers that Sophie is, and he soon finds himself unable to resist her.

Oh, plus there's Sophie's psycho ex who can't take a hint.

I've seen a lot in some of my Facebook groups about couples who aren't satisfied with their sex lives, and in a lot of cases it seemed to be due to one partner having an interest/kink/fetish that the other wasn't into and wasn't interested in exploring. I thought that maybe that's why some people end up cheating - because their desires for something else end up overriding their common sense, even if they love their spouse. Sometimes a person isn't comfortable discussing their desires for fear their partner will think them to freaky. But even when the communication is there, it's not something that can be incorporated.

So my book explores that a little. Plus I thought it would be an interesting story to have a husband and wife who end up cheating on each other, but with the same person. I think it turned out rather well, and my opinion is not biased at all. But I hope that you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Available for pre-order! Release date April 27.

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