Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sinful Sirens Blog Hop

I'm excited to be participating in another blog hop, this one hosted by Under the Covers Book Blog.

So let's talk Sinful Sirens. This phrase to me means one who seduces others into doing bad things (the concept of 'bad' being very subjective of course).

In honour of this wonderful concept, let me introduce you to the Sinful Sirens of Hedon Falls, my book series which is available from Siren Publishing. I'm also giving away a copy of one of my ebooks, as well as letting the winner decide on the name and occupation of my next Siren! Details are at the end of the post! Plus, don't forget to hop around to the other blogs participating for a chance at more fabulous prizes!

The Sirens of Hedon Falls

Serena from Landing the Big Ones
Being a single mom isn't easy, especially when it comes to satisfying sexual desires. Poor Serena has been a little too long without the company of a man, and when she meets a set of sexy identical twins, she falls hard and fast for both of them. The three of them get up to some wicked sexcapades which gets others in town talking!

Melanie from The Art of Love
Opening up a private art gallery is a bold venture, and one that Melanie is determined to succeed in. Her pal Serena points out that all the artwork she is interested in has a sexual nature, so Melanie decides to make erotic art the theme of her opening exhibit. Meeting with the artists of these sexy pieces challenges her self-control, especially because she can't decide between them. Taking a cue from Serena, Melanie decides that a menage might be just the thing for her and the guys.

Sophie from Training the Help
Sophie had a job she enjoyed at a large hotel in Toronto, but when it went under, she was left without work and quickly ran out of resources. So when the opportunity to be the housekeeper for a movie star and her husband presents itself, Sophie seizes it. But her employers are both attracted to her and Sophie finds herself exploring some new sexual territory with them.

Kendra from Training the Help
Happily married to a successful man, and doing well with her acting career, Kendra should have everything she wants. But she's bisexual and sometimes misses the company of a woman. When Sophie moves in, Kendra finds it difficult to keep her mind and hands off the other woman. She introduces Sophie to the pleasures of girl-on-girl loving.

Coming Soon!
Two upcoming Sirens from Hedon Falls include Shannon O'Connell, lead singer of a rock band in Hedon Falls, and Ciara Flaherty, Irish dance teacher. Watch for their stories in late summer/early fall!

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  1. Becky “Rebel” Reichert rom Julie Ann Walker's Black Knights inc series and the book In Rides Trouble

    1. I may have to check that out! Looks good. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Any of the heroines from Lorelei James' Rough Rider series. They're all feisty.

    1. The feisty heroines are the best, aren't they? Thank you for stopping by!

  3. The heroines from the Rough Rider series by Lorelei James or from the Power Tools series by Jayne Rylon.
    thompsonem3 at aol dot com