Monday 10 February 2014

Hearts On Fire Valentine's Blog Hop

Tis that time of year again, when we celebrate love in all its forms.

Ah, love.

Nothing else gets the heart (and other areas) pumping quite like love. To celebrate those wonderful works of romantic fiction that get us in the mood for love, I'm participating in the Hearts On Fire Valentine's Blog Hop.

The grand prize for this hop is a stunning, heart-shaped 20K lab ruby pendant on a 14K gold chain, plus a boatload of signed paperbacks from the hosting authors, Eve Langlais, Kym Grosso, and Victoria Danann. Use the Rafflecopter to enter for the grand prize.

Each of the participating blogs is offering their own prizes as well. My prize is winner's choice of one of my backlist titles, and $10 Strandbucks which can be used at to purchase other titles.

Want to win?

Here's my Top 9 Free Valentine's Gifts. You provide #10 in the comments. I'll draw one person to win. Make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you. Thanks and happy hopping!

Top 10 Free Valentine's Gifts

  1. Doing the housework! (nothing turns me on more than a man who'll clean my house!)
  2. Making a nice dinner.
  3. Cuddling up with a romantic movie.
  4. Cuddling up with a REALLY romantic movie (if you get my meaning ;)
  5. Massage
  6. A good session of heavy petting
  7. A love letter
  8. Bubble bath for two
  9. Sex (with lots of foreplay - see #6) 
  10. ????

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  1. #10 Laughing!! Going to see a rom-com or watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia or just tickling each other:))
    cc_clubbs at yahoo dot com

  2. Hi! Happy Valentines! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!
    Chocolates and cuddles!