Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Out of the Mouths of Babes

It's been, like, FOREVER since I did a Really Random Wednesday post, but today, my daughter inspired me!

I just love it when kids are too young to understand that what they say could possibly have an alternate meaning. This morning, my daughter was playing with two of her stuffed animals, Rainbow and Magic.

As you can clearly see, Rainbow & Magic are unicorns. Unicorns have a horn right? Stay with me for a moment.

Her: Rainbow and Magic have a daddy.
Me: Well that's good.
Her: They have a daddy and he's a unicorn, too.
Me: That makes sense, since they're both unicorns.
Her: His name is Horny.

Damn my kids and their tendency to name critters after physical traits! We also have stuffies at our house named Furry, Fuzzy, Whitey, Blackie, Beary, Snakey....You get the idea. But to come up with a name like Horny? Never would have thought of that. Of course it takes a 7 year old.

I couldn't keep from smiling, but thankfully I managed to keep my mouth shut, because I was thinking, "Yes, sweetie, most daddies are horny."

So here are a couple more priceless gems from my kiddos. There have been a lot over the years, but these ones stand out:

  • During my son's Toy Story phase (I'm positive that the writers purposely chose the character names to give parents everywhere a good laugh): Look at that big Woody, Mommy! Mommy, I want to play with my Woody.
  • While walking through the Home Depot: That man has a big piece of wood.
  • While my hubby was noisily nuzzling my neck: Ewww, Daddy's eating Mommy!

Of course what worries me more is when they start to actually realize what they're saying. Then I'll be very afraid!

What about you? Did your kids ever spout a line that had you biting back the laughter? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. My 6 year old daughter has said quite a few things that fit under this category; but she tends to publicly say things that she is fully aware have double meanings. My most recent experience in this was while grocery shopping with her and running into a boy from her class. He was carrying around a basketball and she yells across to him "Jacob, you shouldn't play with your balls at Meijer, you should only do that in your room!" This is, of course, followed by her *evil laugh*

  2. LMAO Megan! Yesterday we're driving in the car and hubby pushed his sunglasses up on his head making his hair stand straight up on top. Son says, "Hey Dad, you look like a unicorn." It made us both giggle!